At Remedium Advertising, our goal is to find the right solution our clients need. We are a full-service advertising agency based in the Philadelphia region. Our team of advertising experts offers decades of experience in all forms of advertising 

Remedium has inherited the legacy of Gillespie Group Advertising which was established back in 1992 by Mike Gillespie, Sr. Like many during the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves needing to adapt and make changes to our agency. 

While “remedium” comes from the Latin word for remedy, we also found ourselves in need of a rebirth. A new name and a new way of working was necessary given the new changes in our everyday lives. 

We are here to provide you a remedy for your advertising needs.

We provide solutions.  

Our clients are not “one size fit all.” We take the time to listen to each client’s needs and offer individualized solutions to remedy those needs.